Insania Events @ Oemtata, Ertvelde

Insania Events gives young talent a chance: 4 talented metalbands from all across the country will be giving a ripping performance at Oemtata, Ertvelde!

GROWN BELOW may be influenced by the usual suspects (Cult of Luna, Isis, Tool etc.) but they certainly go beyond being mere epigones. Mixing ambient and atmospheric pieces with beastly heavy monolithic blows to the head, their music results in a promising and unique sound that can only be grasped as dark and utterly bleak.


DEPTHS. is a post-hardcore band based in Eeklo, Oost-Vlaanderen, Belgium. They play Post-Hardcore with a metal influence while not trying to confine them to a specific sound/genre.


THE TRAGEDY WE LIVE IN: Atmospheric beauty painted on a soundscape of doom and drone. Open your eyes, enrich your ears with the truth and realize this is The Tragedy We Live In.


ELEANORA : Formed in 2006, this group of individuals tries to translate their concerns about contemporary society into slow and intensive musical textures, and this combined with an attempt to offer lyrics on a rather metaphysical level.