09/06/2012: Insania Events live at JH Comma

We are proud to announce the date, and the first bands of our Insania Events fest!

On the 9th of June 2012 we will host a number of great postmetal/hardcore/rockbands at JH Comma in Bruges.

Confirmed so far are:




Many more bands to be confirmed!

Stay tuned for some more confirmations in the following weeks!


Insania Events update

Hi all,
we are currently working on some sweet deals with great bands, for a festival in 2012. We will have more info for you all shortly!

Insania Events


Insania Events presents: Doom @ Decadance

Insania Events proudly presents DOOM @ Decadance with

Pantheist (UK)
Before The Rain (PT)
Marche Funèbre (BE)
A Dream of Poe (PT)

Venue: Decadance, Overpoortstraat 76, 9000 Ghent
Start: 7PM
End: 11.30PM
Entrance fee: TBA

Presenting their latest album 'Pantheist', these doom metal gods have achieved yet another stunning record in their already amazing catalogue. They will be headlining this evening of droning, heavy and atmospheric doom.

Before The Rain released their newest record 'Frail' this summer, and gained a lot of respect and splendid reviews in the doom metal scene. Starring superb vocals by Morgion vocalist Gary Griffith.

Marche Funèbre, the local star of this evening. Being founded in 2008, they have played with great bands like Evoken, Saturnus, Ataraxie, Hooded Priest,... and have been on tour through Europe with the Australian of The Eternal. They will blast you away with the songs of their first full album 'To Drown'

A Dream of Poe originates from the beautiful isles of the Azores. Being founded as a studio project, it slowly developed into a solid live band. Presenting their debut album ' The Mirror of Deliverance', they will be playing for the first time on the European mainland during their small tour!


Insania Events no longer represents FAAL

After a long and fruitful co-operation, FAAL and Insania Events have decided to end their journey together. Insania Events wishes FAAL the best with their upcoming sophomore album 'Clouds are Burning' and possible live shows.


European Tour

In November 2011, Insania events will travel Europe with A Dream of Poe and Before The Rain.

We will be on the road with A DREAM OF POE (PT)  and BEFORE THE RAIN (PT)
They will be doing some shows between the 10th of november and the 19th of November.

If you are interested in booking a show for this tour, or if you have a question about Insania Events in general, feel free to contact INSANIA EVENTS


Enchantya added to Insania Events roster

Insania Events is proud to announce that Portuguese female frontedmetalband Enchantya has been added to our roster.

Founded in 2004, EnChanTya started as an essence flowing from the very depths of turmoiled waters, when Rute Fevereiro decided to pause her musical career with Black Widows. Not long after, the band was up and running to unleash the spell and spread it around.
In the Summer of 2005 they recorded their first demo: “Moonlighting the Dreamer”, and despite line-up changes, the band kept going until the present days, leaving a nice trail of good reviews, earth shattering concerts and a few TV appearances.
Immediately, the sound of the band was labeled and put in line with starlet bands like Nightwish, Within Temptation, among others.
During 2007, EnChanTya grabbed first place on the first edition of the competition "Bandas Procuram-se".  Already with a steady line-up, the band has been in studio for the last year, and the final product should debut soon. The new album will be titled: Dark Rising
Enchantya is currently looking for a guitarplayer and keyboardplayer in order to be able to make the music from the 'Dark Rising' come alive.

Insania Events online

Hi all!
Insania Events is proud it finally has a blog to let you know everything new around Insania Events, and the bands it represents. Here you will find all updates on concerts, tours, festivals and many more.

For more information, concertrequests, touroffers and everything regarding Insania Events, please mail Insania Events

Yours truly,
Stijn Henderick
Insania Events