Insania Events presents: Doom @ Decadance

Insania Events proudly presents DOOM @ Decadance with

Pantheist (UK)
Before The Rain (PT)
Marche Funèbre (BE)
A Dream of Poe (PT)

Venue: Decadance, Overpoortstraat 76, 9000 Ghent
Start: 7PM
End: 11.30PM
Entrance fee: TBA

Presenting their latest album 'Pantheist', these doom metal gods have achieved yet another stunning record in their already amazing catalogue. They will be headlining this evening of droning, heavy and atmospheric doom.

Before The Rain released their newest record 'Frail' this summer, and gained a lot of respect and splendid reviews in the doom metal scene. Starring superb vocals by Morgion vocalist Gary Griffith.

Marche Funèbre, the local star of this evening. Being founded in 2008, they have played with great bands like Evoken, Saturnus, Ataraxie, Hooded Priest,... and have been on tour through Europe with the Australian of The Eternal. They will blast you away with the songs of their first full album 'To Drown'

A Dream of Poe originates from the beautiful isles of the Azores. Being founded as a studio project, it slowly developed into a solid live band. Presenting their debut album ' The Mirror of Deliverance', they will be playing for the first time on the European mainland during their small tour!